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When we talk about our dating lives, or lack thereof, many of us are pessimistic about the future.

I'm not looking for dating advice, but rather I'm looking to hear from people slightly older than me to see how things worked out for you, good or bad.

There can be a perfectly reasonably explanation, but if he's not used to using condoms, and by that I mean, he's used to having sex without them, beware.

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I understand the temptation to keep all things purchased within the walls of a pharmacy in the bathroom, but not only is it inconvenient to say "excuse me" and go jogging across your apartment, in full-boner, and then back, to fetch a condom, but there's an added chance for error, or loss of interest, that I am no longer willing to risk.

I could fall, or bang my shin, or get distracted by my phone.

For instance, Our favorite position is prone because her thick thighs and butt rub my shaft and make it feel like I'm bottoming out inside her, when in reality I'm only a few inches deep into her vagina. You on top is a another good option because you can limit how much goes in and control the depth.

I’ve found that to work well to get her warmed up, and then as others have said prone is really good because you are kind of limited in how far you can go.

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