A non religious dating a mormon

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The rest offered not only benefits, but many of the same benefits, over and over.

“I felt it was inferior to atheism, close-minded, and overall a negative influence in the world.In the exclusive excerpt below, Mc Gowan talks about the benefits of those mixed-faith relationships: …Despite the general pall that so many commentators cast over religiously mixed marriages of every kind, the picture of the secular/religious marriage is positive and encouraging. After all, we’ve just spent a great deal of time examining the many issues and tensions that can arise when one partner is religious and the other is not.Through exploring my husband’s [religious] belief system, as well as my own humanism, I’ve been able to let go of a lot of the resentment I was holding against religion.I’ve reconciled with myself that people express abstract concepts through religion in good, helpful ways and in bad, harmful ways.

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