Accommodating high churchman

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Focusing on the county of Sussex, he finds that there was accommodation by both clergy and the Whig politicians: the former had to make peace with a new administration, but that administration's efforts to prove themselves "good churchmen" enabled the religious to come to terms with them without jettisoning their principles.

BUNKER'S Hill, Trelawny — The Church in Jamaica has been thrown into further disarray, with news that another man of the cloth has been arrested and charged by the police with a sexual offence against a minor.

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(Urbana and Chicago: The University of Illinois Press. Both, in their different ways, were forever in search of a party.

Host pastor of the Bunker's Hill New Testament Church of God in Trelawny, Presley Smith will face the Falmouth Parish Court later this week, after he was arrested and charged on Friday with acts of sexual offences.

Allegations are that between January 2016 and January of this year, Smith, 27, a native of Kingston but who currently lives in this rural Trelawny community, committed a number of sexual offences against a 15-year-old male student who hails from the district and is now residing in Montego Bay, St James.

Such thoughts are prompted by Jeffrey Chamberlain's fine study of Sussex Anglicanism after the Hanoverian Succession.

If ever there was an accommodation of old and new orders it was that between High Churchmen and triumphant Whiggery in the reigns of the first two Georges.

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