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Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam, has a population of almost 10 million people and is a bustling metropolis of East meeting West.

Whilst prostitution is illegal there are many ways to find other forms of adult entertainment in the city, from massage parlors to KTVs to hostess bars.

Quite a few parlors are known to initially quote in VND but expect payment in USD.

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The bars charge for their facilities and you will be expected to keep the drinks flowing as well as paying for the companionship of one of their hostesses.However, there are women who prostitute themselves and current estimates suggest that anywhere from 20,000 to 30,000 women work in the country as hookers.Although, prostitution is illegal, the adult entertainment industry in the country is alive and well and there are places where sex can be purchased quite openly.function handle Hashtags(hashtags) function handle Hashtag(hashtag) function enter Hashtag() function remove Hashtag(target) var search Page Data = ; var is Platinum Enabled = 0; function search Users(page, scroll Page) function search Users Pattern(data) { var pattern, ribbon = '', plantype = '', online Status, online Status Prefix = '', loc Icon Class = ''; if (data.location_type == 3 && == 0) else if (data.is_available == 1) online Status = '' translate('common-availablenow') ''; else if (data.is_available == 2) online Status = '' translate('common-notavailable') ''; else if (data.is_online == 1) online Status = '' translate('common-onlinenow') ''; else if (data.location_type == 1) else if (data.location_type == 2) else if (data.location_type == 3) if (data.platinum_member == 1) else if (data.active_plan == 1) var _services = $Array(; var _hashtags = $Array(data.hashtags); var _html Hashtags = ''; for (var key in _hashtags) var user Link = '/' ((data.platinum_member == 1) ?If you are in Vietnam then you will most likely be visiting Ho Chi Minh City but where can you get satisfaction in old Saigon?

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