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I’ve not just suddenly chosen to become a homosexual and I’ve not been influenced by people around me, I’ve always known.

I made a promise to myself when I was 17 to never tell anyone—well I guess I’ve just broken that promise, but I can’t cope with being alone any longer.

I guess I hoped that if I just held out long enough, prayed hard enough, and was a good enough Christian then it would just go away and I could be ‘normal’.

I know you’re only just finding out about this (or maybe you had wondered?

) but I’ve known I was different ever since I was a young girl.

This is not a phase that I’ll grow out of, and it’s not some fashion that I’m going through.

I’ll never come to terms with it because I still hope that maybe one day I’ll find that special someone, but mum unless God performs a miracle then I’ll be alone.

I’ve spent the last however many years sitting through endless jokes and derogatory comments about homosexuals which have just about torn my heart out. " comments, I’ve even tried having boy friends, which I can honestly say meant nothing to me, and I’m not going to do this anymore.

Researching your key word for your domain name is an incredibly important part of this process, simply because you wish to ensure that what ever phrase targeting actually get searched for.In fact, I’m so angry with Him, I can’t even cry anymore.I think I actually hate Him for making me like this and not changing me.A love so strong, but I’ve been afraid of putting it to the test all these years.I’ve hidden a secret from you both for a very long time, a secret so enormous that I’ve not been able to share it with you for fear of it changing our closeness.

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