Afternoon adult chat rooms

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Mia was a 25 year old who had just started working with us in the last year.She had a very petite body and was a very quiet person. Julie was the wild one of the group if you want to call it that.A couple of the guys headed over to our table where the three of us sat at.

Diane slowly push her guy away as he quickly set his sights on Mia.This place was underground as you had to take steps down to enter it. This place wasn’t well lighted as it was but now you couldn’t see anything.It wasn’t a very big place but I did noticed a small dance floor. A minute later the lights went back on and their were several strippers out on the dance floor.Mia was sucking his cock hard while he had Mia’s shirt pulled over her tits. It was about 15 minutes or so when I took another look over towards Mia.She was turned around towards the wall and had her pants down on the ground.

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