Apostolic church and dating

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This little church tells the history of the Armenians ( Jews), the development of commerce in Rangoon and construction of the historic buildings in the centre of town.

There is a small illustrated exhibition which is well worth seeing.

This is a wonderfully maintained old church well worth visiting in Yangon, We passed by the church during our walking tour. Took the opportunity to pray and reflect in this simple and quiet place with its simple altar and numerous icons/images all around.

Most Armenians who founded this church were traders who settled in Burma in the early 1600s.

I wonder how many people would know how important the Armenian community was in Yangon at one time.

The Old Testament Scriptures chronicle the journey of the children of Israel out of Egypt, through the wilderness and into Canaan land, their place of promise.

Since that time until now, God has always led His people into the fulfillment of the promise that He has predestined for them.

As with the children of Israel, the journey into destiny always requires faith, focus, and fortitude.

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The doctrine of the New Apostolic Church also bears similarities to other evangelical churches.Like most churches within the Methodist tradition, they teach the possibility of a believer falling from grace.Where they differ from many evangelicals is in the Pentecostal teaching of tongues as a sign of Holy Spirit baptism and in their teaching that the ministry of apostles and prophets should never cease in the Church Age.At the Apostolic Church of God, our journey has been formed and forged by grace.It's not a road of restrictive religion or a path of personal ambition, but it's the freedom to follow the way of Jesus Christ unapologetically as we take God at His Word and serve as a beacon of light to the whole world.

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