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It seemed as if the kingdom itself was rotten, diseased and unutterably tired.This portrait is therefore a perverse celebration of the idea of the king’s two bodies, the fusion of the personal and political in early modern monarchy: Elizabeth’s malaise is also her kingdoms’. Elizabeth, still receiving her crown from God as it is held above her by frolicking cherubim, is submitting to our common end: Death.Our type of business means we’re always on call and we have hard deadlines – even though some of our clients sent me really nice notes and gifts, they still expect their work to get done right away. I chose this type of work and I’m really glad I did – I actually love it – but there are some days that I really wish I had a regular job where I could leave at five and forget about every night.Where I actually had a vacation with no work at all and where I received 10-12 weeks of maternity leave – and no one called me to do or fix something the day after I gave birth.I am honoured to welcome Gareth Russell to On the Tudor Trail, to discuss a fascinating posthumous portrait of Elizabeth I.Gareth studied History at Saint Peter’s College, Oxford, and his masters at Queen’s University, Belfast.

Gone is Gloriana with her bejewelled feet standing proudly astride a map of her realm or the extravagantly-gowned warrior queen with a ruined Armada floating as background wreckage as her hand reaches out confidently to seize the globe.

She was out-of-step with the new generation, many of whom regarded her as a dithering old woman trapped by her pathological conservatism.

The betrayal of her last favourite, Robert, Earl of Essex, wounded her deeply, although she did not hesitate to have condemned to the traitor’s death which he unquestionably deserved by the standards of the time.

Half the time I want to have another (but then the Chop shakes sense into me), but I wasn’t prepared for how hard it would be to have two kids and run a business.

When you run a business, it doesn’t matter that you just had a baby – you don’t get maternity leave.

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