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Bill Taylor told me this one time when I visited his workshop.Also it is possible that Bill just neglected to stamp the code.But notice on the main search page, down underneath the Advanced search heading, the small-print link that says "Show more search fields…" There's real magic in that link -- the power to slice and dice your searches by more than 20 different criteria.In short, Tobacco Reviews is both user-friendly and incredibly powerful.

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Does anyone have an idea why there is no date code and how old is this pipe? There was a brief period when Ashtons destined for the US market did not have date codes.

David Field (formerly the US importer) asked Bill Taylor to stop stamping the code since some retailers complained that potential customers would shy away from pipes that carried a code from several years earlier.

I noticed that the search tools let me display only the highest-rated tobaccos, and then to sort those by number of reviews.

So right off the bat, I knew which tobaccos were four-star rated, with the most reviewers saying so.

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