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Aang assured him that Sokka's moment of glory would be witnessed in the actual fight.This established that both Sokka and Aang finally considered each other as brothers-in-arms.Whenever Sokka thought of his mother, he saw instead the face of his sister, who seemed to have always been the maternal figure in his life.There, he reunited with his lost love, Kanna, and gave her a new betrothal necklace, thus becoming Sokka's step-grandfather. Sokka even went as far as to suggest calling Pakku "Grandpa-ku", although Pakku was not amused and rejected it.Sokka felt obligated to protect his younger sister as urged by his father before his departure to the Earth Kingdom.Sokka took this task very seriously and became somewhat overprotective at times.Sokka reunited with his father at Chameleon Bay, where Hakoda recognized his son as a man.

Later, Sokka confessed to Toph that Katara had always been the one looking out for him.He once seriously considered leaving Aang behind in order to meet him at a military rendezvous point, briefly acting on this desire during an argument with him.Sokka's primary weapon and most prized possession was his metal boomerang, given to him by his father before going off to war.When Zuko offered to join the group to teach Aang firebending, Sokka bluntly refused largely out of concern for Aang's well-being.When Aang eventually did welcome Zuko after he saved the group from an attack, Sokka gave his consent, knowing that Aang knew what was best.

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