Bamyan in afghanistan predating european

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The lower parts of the statues' arms were constructed from the same mud-straw mix while supported on wooden armatures.

It is believed that the upper parts of their faces were made from great wooden masks or casts.

It was the site of several Buddhist monasteries, and a thriving center for religion, philosophy, and Indian art.

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bamyan in afghanistan predating european-55

They were dynamited and destroyed in March 2001 by the Taliban, on orders from leader Mullah Mohammed Omar, after the Taliban government declared that they were "idols".

Monks at the monasteries lived as hermits in small caves carved into the side of the Bamiyan cliffs.

Many of these monks embellished their caves with religious statuary and elaborate, brightly colored frescoes.

The statues were destroyed by dynamite over several weeks, starting on March 2, 2001, carried out in stages.

Initially, the statues were fired at for several days using anti-aircraft guns and artillery.

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