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Families, which are run by the womenfolk, are especially susceptible to poverty in Ethiopia.

The womenfolk do not participate in awareness programs.

Some girls choose to pursue a career path whilst others get married and start families when they are young.

Ethiopian girls are known to be kind and compassionate.

Poverty in Ethiopia is more pronounced in the rural areas as compared to the urban areas.

The situation worsened recently because of sharp increases in the prices of food and fertilizers on world markets, which made it more difficult for poor households in Ethiopia, as elsewhere, to secure adequate food supplies.

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In a typical household, they typically do the cooking.

Increased poverty, water scarcity, and food insecurity are just some of the negative impacts set to hit small-scale farmers and pastoralists in Ethiopia as a result of climate change in the region.

While Ethiopia is no stranger to climatic variability, having suffered droughts that have contributed to hunger and even famine in the past, climate changes is set to make the lives of the poorest even harder.

This results in innumerable deaths of infants, malnutrition, and illiteracy in the poor families.

Efforts should be made to influence women and other less privileged people to participate in various awareness programs pertaining to family planning, education and health benefits.

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