Cancer man dating a virgo woman

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Be patient as this is one relationship that bears fruit over time.

There is much capacity for love and tenderness in this relationship and you are a good match because both of you avoid material and emotional risks.

They sometimes need to be coaxed away from their computers where they tend to indulge in action for its own sake and be reminded of the sensual and simple pleasures of life. Virgo men are loyal lovers who only open up completely when they feel safe and appreciated.

The trick with them is to keep your mystery intact and practice being detached, as they cannot stand emotional manipulation or signs that someone else is deeply insecure and needy.

You will both be able to take care of others with sensitivity, even when you are both following productive careers of your own.

A Virgo man can inject a bit of rational detachment to a Cancer woman and Cancer can teach Virgo to be a little more forgiving of others’ faults.

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