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It’s common for exploiters to blame victims, but it’s important to remember that what’s happening to you is not OK and not your fault.

If you’re experiencing any type of human trafficking, it’s important to know it’s not your fault.

Grooming may include: While these things often feel nice and may seem like part of a normal relationship, after some time, exploiters will use these feelings to guilt you into doing “favours.” These favours usually start small (e.g. They often use fear and guilt to convince you to continue doing favours, like telling your parents/caregivers about something sexual you’ve done or calling the police and reporting something illegal you’ve done or helped with.Being the victim of human trafficking is often a very traumatic experience, but there is help and hope available.If you’re being affected by human trafficking, you may feel: Remember, being the victim of human trafficking is not your fault.Human trafficking means that people are being transported, bought and sold (as opposed to something like drug trafficking, where drugs are the item being sold).There are different types of human trafficking, including: In Canada, sex trafficking (e.g.

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