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When I wake I feel tired and almost, hungover, from the night before. I am so ashamed of myself that I find it difficult to talk to anyone about this issue (I have never told anyone directly). I have even found that I cannot resist calling the lines during the day and sometimes when I should be working.I have gone to counselling sessions but this is hard to pay for due to my financial situation and I never feel I can fully explain the problem. I work in a job that requires me to drive around to clients and sometimes I feel the need to find a quiet spot in the countryside in my car and I make a call to the lines.

I said I would need help to overcome the addiction but it was never talked about. They have helped me a lot but I cannot stop myself. Currently I have 1 large loan to repay for the next 4 years.I have been searching forums like this for a few months, and this is the first time that I have come accross someone else who suffers from the same addiction as me.I have spent well over 6000 in 2 years, and I have recently given up my addiction for a few months, but recently my addiction has reared its ugly head. I am so determined to make our marriage work, but she doesnt believe that I can change as I havelied to her about when I promised I will stop before, I therefore I dont really know what to say to her, as she says that only my actions can improve things.I talk to girls and I like to have a conversation before anything sexual. However, I delay achieving an orgasm as I know as soon as I have my feelings of regret, shame and guilt hit me in a hard way. I also use sex text numbers and view internet porn and materials when I cannot afford to make the calls or texts.Sometimes I can be on the phone all night into the early hours.

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