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Xander and Dawn are not strong enough characters for a title role. my sister had it for 3 weeks and when she managed to stumble out of bed she just sort of blinked at everyone with red rimmed sleep deprived eyes and made little noises like a kitten stuck in a laundry chute because she couldn't talk because her throat hurt so much, and blew her nose once every 2 seconds straight for 3 weeks and nearly drove me insane... xp- see you don't eat meat but you don't blame other people who do, or criticize them (as far as i know)...i hate when people do that. If they turn it into Kennedy the Vampire Slayer, I'm going to shoot myself. Faith: I'm supposed to be better by Monday, but by then I'll have missed a whole week of school...which is actually bad because I'll have A LOT to make up. My flu better not last for 3 weeks..temperature's clear down to 100 right now. they're so stuck on their own opinion that they can't accept anyone else's. I don't have sentimental feelings for my steaks, I just want to be sure that I'm not going to die eating them. I actually ended up eating a 'commercial hamburger' today. If I ever get started on something really stupid, just remember that it'll last about half a week, max. I suppose I'll have to research it one of these years... And I was very much depressed at the end of that film so yo uknow. ' to the world and everyone and watch their face cringe. the media man begs to differ judging from the hole in the satelite picture. i mean, people will say "you don't have to fit in" and "don't classify yourself", but it dosen't work. Faith, They havn't actually made the Giles spin-off. But it's all ok - I love the hatred that comes with love and the passion that comes with rage. people who like talking to me (otherwise they wouldn't do it so much). the ice we skate is gettin' pretty thin the water's gettin' warm so you might as well swim. but that's the way i like it and i never get bored. I used to be a boppy little snob that fit in everywhere. They have diffenately said no now to a Faith spin off but are considering one with Dawn and the Scoobies. It doesn't matter where I was yesterday and where I may be tomorrow. I need to be artistic and deep and delusional and everything I used to be before I got dragged out of the dark waters off the coast of happiness... I think you'll have to dump them if you're going to be happy. Personally I think your wrong I don't think any of them could make a title role. Today i was here and I was full of love and i wanted you all to know. Finally got around to seeing all of Requiem for a Dream without jumping around or skipping parts. NGS is really starting to bore me, so I'm not on there as much.

and make no mistake people hardcore and most .gendres are closer to metal than senor's weird ass punk, the only notable band to evolve to be hardcore from punkare tree Crazybob: I hate you, and I don't put any credit to your words at all.

They want to (Ripper) but because of the flop of Weedon's new on they haven't got the funding right now. Because the world is so beautiful that I can't help falling in love with it. paragons of perfection (namewise): joy division, u2, the velvet underground julie -- you'll make some friends. Whenever I talk about fitting in with someone they ask me why I want to. Now I don't fit in anywhere because I know who I want to spend time with.

You know Angel is coming back for the last episode of Buffy. How cool is that well not evil but in his script he's been told never to touch anyone this series. I may disappear again for months but today I came back and just wanted to say hello to TYWC and everyone here. If you're this honest with everyone, you'll find genuine friends soon. i know that seems like a stupid optimistic thing to say, but honestly, if you have good traits, you're going to make friends sooner or later. but that doesn't mean that if you don't fit in you won't be accepted.

We're just being exploited and exploited and exploited" Welcome to the system - we are tricked to believe we are free because we see all these 'less' free animals. --Marcusmatt- but wait a minute...animals eat other animals all the's part of the natural process of life. Final words on facts: "Question the importance of the facts, not their existence." Catch phrase, but according to this logic, you are saying that one is not supposed to question the 'validity' of 'assumptions', which I am sure you won't agree either. I used to be a cocky little bastard - now I'm a broken man. I can't pinpoint exact reasons why I love my girlfriend, but I just feel that I do. Well, I am not - if you are freaked out by people who have love for the world then you are a freak. Are you afraid of being hurt/betrayed by someone/something that you love? Three wishes xxx Oh, well, probably there's nothing SOO great about turining 15, I guess. And any what about this comminism/capitalism stuff? a mostly text-based online game in which you get to create your own nation based on your own political idealogies. Scherezade: I hereby pronounce you the winner of the 'e' activity. (i read historical novels, and pick out whats authentic and whats not, otherwise id be really dumb.) sometimes its one big haha. He advocated racism over racial tolerance, eugenics over freedom of reproduction, merit over equality, competition over cooperation, power politics and militarism over pacifism, dictatorship over democracy, capitalism over Marxism, realism over idealism, nationalism over internationalism, exclusiveness over inclusiveness, common sense over theory or science, pragmatism over principle, and even held friendly relations with the Church, even though he was an atheist.

We look at prison and we think we are free because we are outside of it. I was going to tell you, this girl in my Spanish class last year had that problem, and literally had to go on birth control to sort it out... I mean, wolves aren't really designed to go up to the nearest salad bar or whatever. How many mistakes has this world made through history by accepting 'assumptions' at face value? I used to look down on people here and think I was so cool, now I'm back to ask for your sympathy, but I'm not as shameless as before to admit these things openly although I'm writing this now. Just anybody, please talk, please write - i need to communicate with people. People who have been in love will know what I mean. are you expecting me to say "ok I can't stand it anymore, this was just a joke but now it's making me puke"? Are you afraid that the love you feel for someone/something is not mutual? Hmm, I guess that neither comminism, nor capitalism deserve much attention, at least in their primary forms. i'm in no position to make an objective judgement on that one. 1) have you ever made any name based on yours (for instance, i just figured out that the fact that when you get an e-mail from robby it says it's from "ybbor" is not a coincidence)? : D it's funny, because robby's the only person i ever told my real life name to. at least, i'm assuming it was him, since one day i came here and everyone was calling me emma and it FREAKED ME OUT.

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