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Also great leaders such as Julius Caesar that started to build Rome as a great city and empire by also focusing on military strength in order for Rome to conquer other great civilizations such as the Ottoman Empire.

Then you Have Augustus Octavian who brought Rome to a Golden Age, or Pax Romana.

Because of the infighting and political stagnation, eventually one man consolidated enough power to become Emperor.

Considering the United States in the world today and its disregard for its founding documents and focus on the all-powerful Office of the President, one can't help be struck with the similarities, and how history repeats itself, and if, in fact, the American Republic founded only a few hundred years ago is now the American Empire.

This discouraged insurrection of newly conquered territories and reinforced coorperation and adhesion to the group: The granting of citizenship to the conquered and the allies was a vital step in the process of Romanization.

This step was one of the most effective political tools and (at that point in history) original political ideas (perhaps one of the most important reasons for the success of Rome).

Control of the sea earned Rome an increasing military and economic advantage.

The roads became so famous that they even gave their names to places and regions.

The network gradually spread across the empire from Britain to Syria, and certain roads became as well-known and well-travelled as those around Rome itself.

Thus, it has been suggested that the Romans were quite technologically advanced.

Rome also ensured it controlled factors of production in different foreign jurisdictions that were under its control.

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