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Discover them one by one, travelling to known and little known destinations in Greece.

Probe their peculiarities, find the features that connect them and those that make them distinct.

On Maundy Thursday, the place to be is Patmos where the Last Supper is piously re-enacted in a mass, but on Good Friday every church in the country has its own candlelit procession following the bier of Christ decorated with white flowers.

Easter customs differ widely, from the marching bands and ‘breaking of the pots’ in Corfu to the pyrotechnic ‘rocket wars’ of Vrontado, Chios.

And you’ll find festivities everywhere, but Patras boasts the most organised and famous celebrations where disguises, fertility symbols, wild music, endless dancing, pranks and general frivolity – with roots in pagan fertility rites – precede the austerity of Lent.

Clean Monday, equivalent to Ash Wednesday, ushers in the 40-day fasting period with meatless picnics and a sky full of colourful kites.

Greece, endowed with beauty and a rich tradition, invites you to go on a special Christmas journey through all the senses; to taste, smell, see and feel the authentic Yuletide spirit through a plethora of seasonal delights.

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If you’re lucky, your holidays in Greece will include witnessing or even taking part in the following: Traditional weddings that start with dressing the bride and bouncing a baby boy on the nuptial bed; the bride escorted to the church by musicians; the especially complex wedding rituals of Lefkas; the heart- wrenching Maniot dirges, the musical accompaniment on the journey to the other world.Fascinating traditions tied to different clans and localities, with multiple layers of social, economic and ritual significance.Rites inextricably connected with specific places, communities and holidays.Christmas & Easter in Greece In Greece, every region has its own wealth of traditions for these important dates on the calendar, with special holiday dishes, songs or seasonal carols like the Christmas kalanda.On Epiphany, young men on all the islands and coastal regions of the mainland dive into the cold sea to be the one who retrieves the cross thrown by the priest.

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