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Law enforcement personnel can sign up for the Cyber Shield Alliance through the FBI’s Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP) at .

LEEP was formerly known as the Law Enforcement Online (LEO) portal.

Once you are on LEEP, find the Virtual Academy Special Interest Group (SIG) and begin searching the course catalog for classes and topics of interest.

Wired Safety is the largest and oldest online safety, education, and help group in the world.Classes may be taken online or onsite in Georgia, or exported by mutual agreement.Some current class options include basic incident response to digital evidence, computer network investigations, covert electronic surveillance, covert electronic tracking, internet investigations, digital evidence analysis, Macintosh forensics, mobile device investigations, seized computer evidence recovery, and Wi-Fi Tools for Analysis and Geolocating.Personnel will work with FBI agents and analysts on cases and receive access to the Bureau’s training curriculum through the Virtual Academy platform.The Virtual Academy contains an Introductory Class Suite (recommended below) as well as a Hardware and Software Suite, a Networking Suite, a Security Suite, and an Enhanced Security Suite, which may prove useful to FLOs, depending on their specific area of responsibility (AOR) roles and responsibilities.

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