Dating a bodybuilder moods

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Examples are many like orlando bloom, johnny depp, brad pitt, ashton kutcher, etc. Personally speaking, I am not attracted to rail thin men, but I'm not attracted to the bodybuilder guys who have muscles bulging that look all vein-y and stringy. Facebook Facebook My ex was a natural bodybuilder he won mr Scotland 2012 (his category) his body was great and I was very attracted to him however, the amount of time in the gym per week along with the constant eating healthy and eating regularly is not worth the hassle of being with someone with this lifestyle.Isnt supposed for women in nature to choose always the most apt and stronger looking men? Its of course result of mostly working out everyweek. Defined muscles are good, but I also like a man with some . For the girlfriend it's very unfair I did not like the lack of attention for months before the show as they tent to lose all interest in the outside world and become very withdrawn. I respect how hard bodybuilders work I seen it first hand for 7years they are amazingly dedicated and disciplined to their sport.

It's definitely tough and not something I'd want to put myself into again.In general he goes about 5 times a week once a day but still keeps up his eating every 2hours. It was like having a baby, making sure he was fed on time lol oh I'm sure if I asked he'd rather have spent time in the gym than with me lol. Im sure someone can be big without being 24/7 at gym, all you need is short high intensity training 3/4 times a week and eat a lot.The problem of bodybuilding is that the seek the extreme definition (very low body fat) and thats why they have to be always so picky about eating.

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