Dating a man who grew up without a father

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They clam up and stop speaking freely, or they get nervous and try hard to know how to relate and please them, or they hide their struggles from them because they are afraid the spiritual father will use it against them and hold them back from their destiny. There is confusion as to their purpose and identity in Christ Many fatherless men have a hard time internally trying to figure out who they are and what they are called to do. They may even be the most successful business people in the world but they are never sure of themselves and often grapple with confusion, fear and anger, and don’t understand the root cause of it all.Some of the highest suicide rates in the world are in the most affluent demographics of our nation.When I asked why he couldn’t have a decent conversation with his son, he told me he tried but didn’t know how.

They feel threatened when their sons begin to come to maturity; they are afraid to let them preach or lead to the fullest capacity because the insecurities in their own souls causes them to compare themselves with their sons, and it torments them. This results in many sons becoming frustrated and rebellious, starting their own churches, or even leaving the faith. When it is hard to connect to the love of God the Father Some fatherless men have a hard time fellowshipping and enjoying their Father in heaven because they have a works mentality with God and try to approach Him with their own sense of perfection to prove their worth.

There is an insecurity and/or a sense of inferiority because of neglect, lack of affirmation, or abandonment Some men continually walk around with insecurities that negatively impact the way they relate in business, ministry, and marriage.

They never fully trust their abilities and hence, they don’t always trust others around them to do the right thing towards them.

This is because they didn’t have a good earthly model of fatherhood from their natural fathers and have no understanding of how to relate to God the Father and His unconditional love. Having an autocratic style of leadership in one’s churches, businesses and families Because fatherless men never emotionally connected with their earthly fathers, many do not know how to relate or trust others who work for them or are under their care in their families.

The result is a top-down autocratic style of leadership that doesn’t leave room for meaningful input, counsel, or shared leadership decisions.

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