Dating coustums in peru

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Depending upon where Easter falls during a given year, the month of March can either be very busy or very quiet as far as major Peruvian festivals are concerned.

That said, we figured we may as well take a break from the religious festivals to focus on something else with a different sort of appeal, wine!

You see, the Festival of the Crosses is not held in just one spot in the country.

Rather, the festival is celebrated in towns and cities throughout Peru, each putting their own unique spin on things.

The first of many religious Peruvian festivals on our list, the celebrates the Virgin of Candelaria, the patron saint of the town of Puno where the festivities are held.

Held annually on June 24th, Inti Raymi is meant to celebrate the Winter Solstice - remember that we're in the Southern Hemisphere here!

Banned by the Spanish and the Catholic Church after 1535, the modern incarnation of the celebration began in 1944 based on the few historical records of the festivities that managed to survive.

Perhaps you've read somewhere or other that there are over 3,000 traditional Peruvian festivals held throughout the year?

It's a popular claim that pops up time and again in guidebooks and on websites, and though we haven't verified the number, it certainly wouldn't surprise us!

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