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Half of their meetings ended up running later than intended because - It was Thursday, which meant that it was girls night, which meant that Sansa and her friends were expecting Arya at 7.

Arya checked her phone - pm and 3 new texts from Sansa. ” The boys all looked up and the librarian narrowed her eyes at their table again.

Though the conversations often veered into very silly territories, Arya genuinely enjoyed these Thursday evenings, and she didn’t want the girls to think that she was intentionally blowing them off. Sure, Hot Pie was adorable in a teddy bear kind of way and Lommy might be cute if you were into boys who desperately tried to look as if they aren’t trying.

Each group had been assigned an era of Westerosi history to focus on for a research project that consisted of multiple presentations, written assignments, annotated bibliographies of existing texts, and recorded minutes of weekly group meetings.To her great surprise, the somewhat pathetic looking boys that she was stuck with turned out to be competent, helpful, and generally hardworking - when they weren’t talking about warhammers.Lommy had some attention issues but did well when he was given specific tasks to complete.While all of the other girls would take a drink almost every time anything to do with boyfriends or dating came up, Arya had barely made a dent in her glass after almost a half hour.She was feeling quite proud of herself when Margaery turned to her suddenly and asked, “Arya, have you ever kissed anyone? She had never actually kissed a boy except for Mycah, and Sansa was right - that hadn’t really counted.

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