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Takealot told me that my order will be delivered on the 19th of December. I immediately phoned the call center to inquire and received a mail back but have... I have called since Monday the 10th Dec 2018 following up on this order because one of the items had a delay so the...

I can't get my money back cause i paid eft so now it is in Take a Lots Credit to me!! Same day I returned their call and was told my card would be delivered to me on the 9th before 5pm. I ordered some items on the 12th of December and then again on 15 December 2018. SMS received that ready collect on 31 Dec but found them closed, as they did not tell me that they were finishing early.

Order #[protected] was supposed to be delivered on the 21/12.

Received mail now saying it will be delivered on the 24/12 due to one item being late from their supplier.

I want this product even if it comes later when they have... For my first order some items had to be shipped so I would have to wait 10 to 12 working days and then delivery. I was notified that my parcel will be delivered on 20/12/2018. Went again a couple of days later — first, a delay getting into their industrial security park. I made a purchase on the app and paid via eft and my order was canceled after payment made.

I realized my order was canceled and requested a refund which I have not received despite all the calls and emails sent to takealot customer. 8 days and still no package or feedback as to who signed for it. SINCE DECEMBER NO REFUND HAS BEEN GIVEN, HAVE RESORTED IN OPENING A POLICE CASE FOR TAKEALOT.

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