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Friedkin site, named for the family who owns the land about 40 miles northwest of Austin in Central Texas.

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Its products have been traced north over the Caucasus to present-day Ukraine and west across Anatolia to the Aegean, almost 1,600 miles away,” wrote Frank Viviano in the National Geographic article. Active production is thought to date back to the Lower Stone Age, when the region’s first skilled artisans were early Neanderthals. Gasparyan and his Armenian associates, along with their American, Japanese, and European collaborators, have harvested thousands of Paleolithic tools at Arteni and other local sites.” , produced millions of tools at Mount Arteni. Because Armenia was a Soviet satellite, archaeology work stopped for a time near the end of the collapse of Communism in Europe.Spear points made of chert and other tools were discovered under several feet of sediment that dating revealed to be 15,500 years old, and pre-date Clovis, who for decades were believed to be the first people to enter the Americas."There is no doubt these weapons were used for hunting game in the area at that time," Waters said.made obsidian tools there numbering in the millions.“I have little doubt that members of the genus Homo were using Armenian obsidians for as long as both were around,” Ellery Frahm of the University of Minnesota told National Geographic .

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