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defined("DOCUMENT_ROOT")) define("DOCUMENT_ROOT", $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']);require_once DOCUMENT_ROOT.'/hello/world.php'; Perhaps it would be clearer to say that require_once() includes AND evaluates the resulting code once.More specifically, if there is code in the script file other than function declarations, this code will only be executed once via require_once().You cann use this wrapper class, it is faster than include_once Wrapper.class.php")include Wrapper::require_once("Class1.class.php");include Wrapper::require_once("Class1.class.php");include Wrapper::require_once("Class2.class.php") Friendly reminder about namespaces...Including or requiring a PHP file that defines as namespace means that the namespace name (or its "use ...require() is so tiny, it's almost always insignificant in terms of performance.

Also if you have a large MVC framework, it make sense to compile structure "file/path/to/class.php" to something like this "file_path_to_class.php", it will speed up any type of php files includes, becouse php interpreter will not check FS stat data for directories "file", "file/path", "file/path/to", etc.I think it's important (at least for beginners) to mention somewhere clearly visible that require_once, when being used in a class, cannot be outside a function. The path for nested require_once() is always evaluated relative to the called / first file containing require_once().To make it more flexible, maintain the include_path (php.ini) or use set_include_path() - then the file will be looked up in all these locations./*Require the file once.The question of how many stat() system calls were made can be answered as follows:- If you run httpd -X and then do an strace -p , you can view the system calls that take place to process the request.- The most important thing to note is if you run continuously (as the ab test does above), the stat() calls only happen for the first request: first call to (above): ------------------------------- lstat64 ("/www", {st_mode=S_IFDIR|0755, st_size=...lstat64 ("/www/includes", {st_mode=S_IFDIR|0755,... lstat64 ("/www/includes/", {st_mode=S... lstat64 ("/www/includes/", {st_m... lstat64 ("/www/includes/", ... lstat64 ("/www/includes/", {st_mode... open ("/www/includes/", O_RDONLY) = 17 subsequent calls to test.php: ----------------------------- open ("/www/includes/", O_RDONLY) = 17- The lack of stat() system calls in the subsequent calls to only happens when is called continusly.

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