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Rushing to introduce your new partner to your child may not only affect your relationship with your partner but it might also affect your child in the event that the relationship does not work out.

Wait until the relationship has grown and you are certain about the future of the relationship. Many single parents fall into the trap of thinking that they need to explain how they came to be a single parent.

Dating is filled with many challenges, however; dating when you are a single parent is more challenging.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that you should not date just because you are a single parent.

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Most parents, especially single mothers feel guilty about leaving their child with a caregiver to go for a date. Other than being a mother or father, you are also a man or a woman who needs some time alone. It is understandable that the first few weeks or months of dating are very exciting, but don’t rush to introduce your partner to your child.Being a parent is something to celebrate and not something to be ashamed of.The right person will accept and appreciate you just the way you are. Most single parents are afraid of opening up about being a single parent to their date due to the stigma surrounding single parenting.When you are in the early stages of dating, you do not need to explain yourself to your date.Be open and honest about being a parent and leave it at that.

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