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Sims experience life stages (baby, toddler, child, teen, young adult, adult, and elder) which have them age from birth to death, and their genetics can be passed on to their children.Unlike the original The Sims, where the player can spend forever raising a Sim's skills, the aging system in The Sims 2 imposes a time limit on this before the Sims die.When creating a Sim, the player has 25 personality points to give out.The neighborhood screen is actually a save slot in which you can access your saved families.Who knows what destiny has in store for the Sims of Desiderata Valley?From far and wide, Sims have been drawn to beautiful Belladonna Cove!Unfortunately, problems are bound to sprout in a town this small.

Fresh crops aren’t the only thing growing in the farming community of Riverblossom Hills – love is in the air and many a relationship is on the verge of blossoming.The Capps and Montys have been feuding for years, but that hasn't stopped the younger generation from crossing boundaries and falling in love.Will their actions lead to ruin or bring the families together?However, families in the family bin tend not to have any teaching objective.Personalities are not only based on the astrological sign of the Sim but also on the aspiration of the Sim.

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