Dating vintage ihop cups plates

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If there is any doubt left, especially with these three shapes, then you may have to look at the decorative treatments and try to figure out the era to which it belongs.Towards the end of 1932, HLC started using two digits for the year. Many lines made during this time also included the shape name.

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Other larger pieces such as chop plates and platters may or may not be marked. In 2012, three letters had to be usd; AAA=2012, BBB=2013, etc.

Most reissue Harlequin dinner plates will have a mark like the one shown. These represent a particular glazing line at the plant.

For the 1980s, a single letter was used to indicate the month and a two digit number for the year. It was used mainly on the last remaining semi-vitreous wares such as Brittany and International. They are not terribly relevant as the only significant information lies with the leading letter or letters for the year of manufacture.

HLC started to focus more on hotel and restaurant ware starting in 1960. Even though the Best China name was dropped in the early 1990s, the dating system is still used by HLC today.

They sold their vitrified ware under the name "Best China" and developed a special date code for the backstamp. A full table of letters with their corresponding years is given at the bottom of the page. It lasted for the first four or five years until it was replaced by the more familiar HLC logo marking.

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