Dating yandex ru scam scammer scamming

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This is a giant scam industry where the local agencies sell profiles to ALL the dating sites, often using the same photos.These posts were made possible by the active co-operation of , Evgenia Ostrovskaya, Ganna Butuk and Yulia Marchenko. We thank them for the information that made this post possible. WE KNOW BY THE VERY FACT THAT YOU ARE ON ANASTASIA, THAT YOU ARE A SCAMMER.ID=1616728We depart from our methodical exposure and demolition of the Nikolaev scam agencies to bring you a whole series of super scammers from Kharkiv.Investigating the million dollar fraud of Evgenia Gapon we were led to a Kharkiv agency that has a hundreds thousand dollar profit from scamming through Anastasia FRAUD and a stable of obvious scammers. Olga makes most of her scamming money by video chat.

Our PIs report that she has been married to Aidar since March 2015 and in a relationship with him since December 2011.

ID=1622605On vk: married? We will also pass your financial details to the Ukrainian tax police. To give publicity to the big earners on chat and cam share.

We would like to thank Evgenia Gapon (kikos) for providing the information that enabled this post Keywords: “Anastasia date”, fraud, scam, theft, prostitute, “Lubov Sirik”, Gumball 3000 fraud, veronika love fraud, organised crime, Internet fraud, Dubai fraud, SD Ventures fraud, prostitution. To demonstrate that Anastasia FRAUD is a criminal enterprise in the full breadth of its operations. The only way to get these repulsive sociopathic individuals off the internet and to curb their scamming is to give them the oxygen of publicity.

ID=1785194She also scams from 1st attractive where she claims not to have a child.

This proves Anastasia FRAUDs confirmed profiles are not exclusive as they claim. At the instructions of anastasia FRAUD, She has edited traces of her husband and scammer friends from her vk. She is STILL husband is Eduard Lavdor Irina is a professional scammer & prostitute under the guidance of Tatyana Petrukina (another famous Nikolaev prostitute & scammer) again we prove that the Anastasia business is built entirely on FRAUD.

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