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Each pose in the sequence will awaken a particular chakra energy centre, allowing us to explore inner landscapes of our physical body, as well as delve into the deeper levels of our being.

We will close the session with a meditation session designed to awaken each chakra.– call and response chanting – can seem a bit strange initially, but just like yoga, skydiving and falling in love, it’s one of those things you need to experience to truly understand what it does and how good it can feel.

If you’ve been nervous about starting yoga, let alone hot yoga then this is the perfect course for you.

In our non hot studio over four Saturdays you will be guided through the fundamentals of our set sequences that we teach on the regular timetable.

The practice with close with Yin yoga that will balance and restore the body. Open to all levels, but not recommended for complete beginners. The root in this training is in yin yoga and Chinese Medicine. our attendance and commitment requirements are 100%, is this ok with your schedule?

We will cover in detail the basics more in asana, variations, assisting and sequencing.

This workshop is suitable to everyone and we will explore the physical postures, and build your understanding of why these poses are beneficial for your body.

These sessions will involve breaking down the key postures and elements of yoga at entry level.

This environment is ideal for questions, and you will also get individual attention with a kind and patient teacher.

Kirtan refers to chanting – one of the main practices of yoga.

Classic Indian instruments, such as the harmonium and drum accompany the chant, while simple Sanskrit mantras are repeated in a call-and-response fashion, from the leader to the group, building in energy and tempo.

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