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TO thwart memory loss, Janet Walsh uses her left hand to brush her teeth.'' You have to work at it,'' said Ms. '' That exercises the brain.'' Writing a grocery list with the opposite hand, memorizing and retelling a joke, or balancing a checkbook without using a calculator also helps the middle-aged brain stay sharp, she said. She spent much of the last 18 years developing day services programs, support groups and a lecture series to help stimulate the minds of those in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease.Walsh noticed that friends and family members who had suffered strokes or head trauma were able, through rehabilitation, to drive, walk, talk and continue their lives. In 1971, at age 58, her father started showing signs of memory lapses. He was told he had Alzheimer's four years later and spent his final years in the psychiatric unit at the Northport Veterans' Hospital. Walsh's childhood home, was determined to be senile.She wondered why the same techniques couldn't be used to ward off the brain-aging process.'' Why not increase brain capacity before the trauma so there is more brain to combat these diseases and disorders? Worried about the genetic legacy she may have inherited, in 1996, Ms.Walsh took part in the human genome project by giving blood for analysis and undergoing three months of genetic counseling. I.'s, spinal taps and neurological and physical exams along with three to four days of cognitive testing each year.'' Even if in the end it gets me, I gave to science and maybe I helped someone else,'' she said.She said that because she carried the ''risk gene'' for Alzheimer's from both her mother and father, she had a 50 to 90 percent chance of developing the disease. '' More importantly, I am going to know when I am starting to slip.'' Her drive to increase brainpower is based on a recent study that said new neurons, the parts of the brain affected by Alzheimer's, can grow into one's 60's or 70's.'' Typically most people stop expanding their brain at age 30,'' she said. Zuckerman were married.'' It couldn't have gone any better,'' said Mr.

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