Doxing chatrandom

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Even so much as putting someone's name out there is dangerous.

I remember the Violent Acrez story where the dude lost everything because his real name was leaked. Well, he was being a huge cunt at the time, so some would say yes, but I say no, as a free speech absolutist and privacy advocate.

but hacking is against the law in some areas, and if they are doing this (and they aren't liberal) then the site might look into them and deal with them, otherwise just walk away and never return, there are better ways to waste your time than commenting and making them even more popular than they shouldn't be. I can understand doxing someone to the police, someone who has been threatening you. Don't fuck with me, or I might reveal more." It's a highly effective tool to avoid criticism.

Second, Richard Spencer rightfully used that punch to justify his hateful rhetoric about the left. AND I DESPISE CONSERVATIVES WITH EVERYTHING I HAVE!

He also complains about, "Oh, he's a bitch for slandering me anonymously." NO, he's calling you out for being a dickhead, and keeping his/her What's really disgusting is that they dox people to "fuck around".

That's not fucking around, that is literally putting someone's name and other personal details out

v=D2Y_c2…This series of videos goes into a little bit more detail than I ever could about Ai U doxing people and shows that Ai U cannot take a joke to save their hey learned something seriously I had no clue what this was.

you do know that boycotting something hurts most of all right?

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