Economics dating relationships

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Finding love is a hot commodity—something heavily in demand, but not so easily obtained.

What I would like to argue is that the “Dating Market” explains the basic concepts of economics in very basic terms because it is a market in itself.

So, those who aren’t searching for a job do not count.

Moving onto the dating scene, if you are not in a relationship currently of any kind and you are not looking, you are not in the “dating market”. If you are single-but-looking, you count as “unemployed”.

These people are not just from your hometown, either.

The university setting draws together a new pool of potential partners from all across the country (and abroad) which one previously might not have had access to meeting before.

If you are the person who goes out on the town every night, you might attribute more value to your night-in binging Netflix as a break than someone who only goes out on special occasions.

It might also offer a lens for that feeling of “butterflies in the stomach” when you first enter a new relationship because it’s something of clear value that before had been scarce. ” So, who counts as being part of the dating market?

For a real-world example, we might look to China’s population imbalance.The operation cost of a relationship is the money you spend to make sure everything runs smoothly while dating.It’s Halloween and you want to do a couple’s costume: there’s an expense. If it’s their birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s day, you better have a small gift.In our society, these couple’s activities come with a monetary “expense”.The cost of operation is the money you spend so you can continue engaging in these activities.

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