Ehcache pre invalidating space

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It allows you to use RAM from multiple servers as single memory caching space.

Basic data caching using Memcached Below is a basic tutorial showing (via pseudocode) how you can get started with integrating Memcached into your application.

Fast Flash storage systems, which can be helpful, are also very expensive.Fast page load response time is a one of the key metrics for user satisfaction.Memcached and similar distributed caching technologies are used today in most (if not all) well-known big websites (Linkedin, Facebook others).Here is some pseudocode showing how to wrap a database query access with a memcached caching layer, by implementing check-in-cache (function get()) and place-into-cache (function set()):# Define a query and use it as a key for the Memcached: sql = "SELECT * FROM user WHERE user_id = ? Stale data in cache and invalidation of cached items Unless you actively invalidate the cached item, when a user (or your database) makes a change, it can take up to five minutes (or more, depending on cache item expiration time) for users to see the correct new data.This is a key issue when implementing a Do-It-Yourself caching strategy.

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