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If there is no stub, please contact the Payment Products and Services Directorate, of Public Works and Government Services Canada, at 1-873-469-4105, or email the Receiver General for Canada ([email protected]).Receiver General cheques are never stale dated, meaning you can cash them no matter how old they are.A value date is a future date used in determining the value of a product that fluctuates in price.Typically, you will see the use of value dates in determining the payment of financial products and accounts where there is a possibility for discrepancies due to differences in the timing of valuation.However, it could take days until the bank receives the funds from the payor’s bank, assuming the payor and payee have accounts with different financial institutions.If the payee has access to the funds immediately, the receiving bank runs the risk of recording a negative cash flow.When there is a possibility for discrepancies due to differences in the timing of asset valuation, the value date is used.In Forex trading, the value date is regarded as the delivery date on which counterparties to a transaction agree to settle their respective obligations by making payments and transferring ownership.

Calculation of accrued interest takes into account three key dates – trade date, settlement date, and value date.

To avoid this risk, the bank will estimate the day it will receive the money from the paying institution, and hold the funds in the payee’s account until the expected day of receipt.

In effect, the bank will post the amount of the deposit for a couple of days, after which the payee can use the funds.

I am the executor of a deceased relative's estate and a payment for the deceased was recently received from a federal department.

What do I do with the cheque, or with the money deposited directly in the deceased's account? Although all payments to and from the Government of Canada are made in the name of the Receiver General, enquiries regarding taxes and tax payments should be made directly to the Canada Revenue Agency.

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