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The band has deviated from their classic, west coast melodic skate punk sound in the past with the more rock leanings of “Ignorance Is Bliss” and the 70’s punk rock inspired “Three Chords And A Half Truth” so it’s clear they have no issues stepping off the road they helped pave.

“Hold Fast” is born from the acoustic shows the band has put on as of recent for the VIP portion of their “Econo-Live” tour.

face to face recently put out a throwback to their scrappy, skate-punk 90’s sound in “Protection” so it’s safe to say the band hasn’t gotten old yet.

Instead, they’ve learned how to diversify their sound.

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Their west coast, punk rock songs easily lend themselves to these reworking’s.

The bones of the songs are, for the most part, simple, catchy pop songs.

Our goal is to meet basic human needs and reduce suffering; thereby assisting our guests to a better future.

Face to Face offers a Dining Room, a nurse managed Health Center, a Legal Center, a Social Services Center and, along with Mercy Neighborhood Ministries, early child education (3 and 4 year olds), children’s Summer Camps and After School programs.

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