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Especially for minor health issues, “telehealth can take some of the pressure off doctors’ offices, urgent care centers and ERs,” says Information Week.

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While American Well’s service is already covered by some insurance companies, requiring only a copayment, they are now offering direct-to-consumer consultations via smartphone app for just using their own physician network.Learn more about the top products that you haven’t heard of, that will make your life easier.In our increasingly tech-savvy society, it’s no surprise that the most useful products to aid seniors and caregivers are innovative technologies that promise to make day-to-day life easier and make health monitoring a snap.These devices are increasingly integrated with wireless mobile devices and cloud-based data storage, making communication and health monitoring faster and more effective than ever.Read on for a list of our favorite senior care products you’ve never heard of (and a few you probably have heard of), and find out what to put on your wish lists in 2014.

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