Gok wan dating tips

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Gok Wan father’s name is John Wan and mother Myra Wan.We will continue to update details on Gok Wan’s family.And if they're not there, I don't tend to miss them too much."Although Gok has struggled to find love, he now boasts a strong relationship with his family, although he used to be a "terrible" child. He said: "I'm really proud of my relationship with my family because it wasn't always as easy.

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I drank a bottle of Southern Comfort and got s***faced before I gave the best man's speech.TV presenter, stylist, chef and dating advice guru Gok Wan talks to Metro about finding love, ignoring his critics and yoghurt. I flirt with everyone – normally to get my own way. Never give too much away, there needs to be a bit of mystery – and always make sure you’re presenting yourself the best way you can. Language is important, you need to make sure you’re saying the right things and being suggestive. I want to do well to prove myself to my friends and family. I’ve got a second car, a BMW, which I don’t really need – I’m like the gay Jamiroquai. You’re advertising yoghurts – are you the new Martine Mc Cutcheon? Women who aren’t loving themselves but looking for love. My main car is a Porsche Panamera – I look very beautiful in it. How do you do it without looking like you’re in a Carry On film? It’s not about being sexual – it’s about getting someone’s attention and getting your own way in a seductive way. I get to meet lots of different people, my life is different every day and I get to do my job and get public recognition for it every day, as well as criticism. You’ve only got to Google it and you’ll find something. They know not to send me anything bad because they don’t want to upset me but some of it’s funny stuff. When I go into a meeting with new clients I flirt with them; when I want 20p off a hamburger I’ll flirt with them. The times I do read about myself is if a friend sends me something.

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