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Go down to basement 1 and you will find something like the Chinese equivalent of a classic US greasy spoon.It’s obviously a 24 hour restaurant, the food looks questionable but it does have ~ USD Tsing Tao beers which was a huge improvement from the over-priced gogo bar.Being that Macau is only a short, cheap ( USD) one hour jet boat ride from Hong Kong, which is a favorite destination of ours, there is really no excuse that it took us so long to visit.Right off the bat we’ve gotta say, it was a let down.The same friend of Charlie’s told us about Fernando’s told us if there was one thing not to miss it was surely The Basement Restaurant Hooker Parade.While you can’t watch it forever, it is definitely at least two or three beers worth of entertainment.

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This was not to take a girl home, just a lap dance and who knows if it would even be topless or nude!” Rudolph inquires.“Because, dude,” the barista replies, “my friend told me if I go there on Thursday night I’m guaranteed to get lucky!Two eagle-eyed matchmakers, big tech money, and an army of stiletto-shod women mix and mingle there—all important factors in Silicon Valley’s peculiar mating algorithm.Meet Me is available in one-month (.99), three-month (.99), and six-month (.99) packages.…We’ve been absolutely dying to visit Macau for years, especially ever since we heard that Macau overtook Vegas as the number one gambling destination back in 2007.

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