Hibernate saveorupdate not updating

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Finally, persist doesn’t return anything so we need to use the persisted object to get the generated identifier value. Transaction; import com.journaldev.hibernate.model.

Second difference is that we can use method only within the boundary of a transaction, so it’s safe and takes care of any cascaded objects. Hibernate Util; public class Hibernate Persist Example Hibernate: insert into EMPLOYEE (emp_name, emp_salary) values (?

Cascade; @Entity @Table(name = "EMPLOYEE") @Access(value=Access Type.

FIELD) public class Address package com.journaldev.hibernate.main; import org.hibernate.

We can invoke this method outside a transaction, that’s why I don’t like this method to save data.

If we use this without transaction and we have cascading between entities, then only the primary entity gets saved unless we flush the session.

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***** Notice that first employee object is inserted, then at the time of transaction commit, update query is executed to update the name value. Hibernate save Or Update results into insert or update queries based on the provided data. Id=166 Hibernate: insert into ADDRESS (address_line1, city, zipcode, emp_id) values (? Hibernate save Or Update adds the entity object to persistent context and track any further changes. Transaction; import com.journaldev.hibernate.model. We can use without transaction also, but again you will face the issues with mapped objects not getting saved if session is not flushed. Hibernate Util; public class Hibernate Save Or Update Example Hibernate: insert into EMPLOYEE (emp_name, emp_salary) values (? ) ***** Hibernate: insert into EMPLOYEE (emp_name, emp_salary) values (? After committing save transaction ***** Hibernate: select employee0_.emp_id as emp_id1_1_0_, employee0_.emp_name as emp_name2_1_0_, employee0_.emp_salary as emp_sala3_1_0_, address1_.emp_id as emp_id1_0_1_, address1_.address_line1 as address_2_0_1_, address1_as city3_0_1_, address1_.zipcode as zipcode4_0_1_ from EMPLOYEE employee0_ left outer join ADDRESS address1_ on employee0_.emp_id=address1_.emp_id where employee0_.emp_id=? package com.journaldev.hibernate.main; import org.hibernate. Let’s look at hibernate persist with a simple program.

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