Intimidating dog fail rubidium strontium dating equation

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Add that to the fact that most burglars now confess to carrying tranquilized meat and your dog is in real danger of being hurt or worse.

Training your pet to become a guard dog will be so time-consuming and expensive compared to the effectiveness.

In truth, dogs can definitely be highly effective deterrents to criminals and buglers.

Unfortunately, they are not a foolproof way to protect your property.

Can you truly say that you have spent the time and money turning your adorable pet into a formidable defense pooch?

Sure, a dog might be man’s best friend, but it’s not man’s best home security option.

Though your furry buddies might put up an excellent front of being tough and packed with defensive applications, the sad truth is that they notoriously fail as tools for home and building security.

By the time an intruder has broken in, shattered a window or activated some motion sensors, a silent alarm will have already notified the police.

A dog’s bark means that you are at the mercy of your neighbors to notice and react.

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