Is andy cohen dating daniel craig

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I wanted to prove to Bravo that I could do more with this little show than they had imagined — they weren't expecting me to book huge names like and Sarah Jessica Parker.

“You don’t think I checked with three f—king pediatricians before? Perhaps one of them can add the matching 8 Fendi bunny-eared beanie to the pampered infant’s collection.

“Two #daddies, one baby, i pair of @fendi pants = heaven ❤️❤️❤️,” the “Riverdale” star’s wife, Kelly Ripa, chimed in.

Cohen has revealed a lot about his new life as a dad, including that he gave up smoking marijuana for the time being.

It's all so random, but it happened really organically, and I love that. If I'd been in charge of programming at Bravo and said, “I want to host a late night show” or be the face of the network, they would have sent me running for the hills. If people found it they were pleasantly surprised, and it was weird.

It’s funny, because I was thinking recently of what if one of the big things I do went away, what would I do? We’re the only live show in late night, and the only interactive one.

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