Kanye dating selita

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[/quote] i2i is arrogance is quite sexy to me, love a confident man AND talented? KANYE COME HERE LET ME WHISPER IN YA EAR [quote comment="106654"]Stop hating on Selita, why are we so hard on our own women?

[quote comment="106435"][quote comment="106429"][quote comment="106409"]Lucky ass Selita I wud snatch him up in a quick minute if I could! IDC WHAT NOBODY SAY HE IS A GOOD CATCH IN MY EYES[/quote] I SECOND AND THIRD DAT...

Kanye and Selita have been seen all over NYC the past month, and I really do think she’s got the better “contracted girlfriend/muse” vibe to her.

Also, Kanye and Kim totally make sense as BFFs rather than boyfriend-and-girlfriend, right?

“He was rubbing her knee all night — they definitely looked like a couple,” Brian tells In Touch.

Honestly, in a dark a jazz club, I could totally mistake Selita for Kim.

However, I think Kanye is still dating Selita Ebanks.

STAY AWAY FROM THE FOREIGN GOLD DIGGING AMERICAN HATERS. Yes, I happens a lot and is a peeve of mine as well. cant even take a breather just hops from one rod to the next.

STAY AWAY FROM THESE NO TALENTED LOSERS WHO WANT TO RIDE YOUR BACK TO THE TOP AND BREAK YOUR HEART AND STEAL YOUR MONEY. HOWEVER, fiancé has 1 "e" :) [quote comment="106553"][quote comment="106301"]not a good look Kanye. Work that out.[/quote] fiancee (pet peeve to see finance..happens a lot)[/quote] LOL. she looked wife material, you know selita is only in it for the greens.

One last thing – I hope everyone read Kim’s latest hyperbole stupidity.

She told some media outlet, Yes, it’s THE WORST THING ON THE PLANET, Kim.

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