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If a family had multiple daughters, it could get expensive since each daughter would have to begin her marriage with a dowry.

The dowry was property or money that was given to her husband upon their marriage.

At times these abandoned babies who had been left outdoors to die were taken in by another family and raised as slaves.

Other city-states required boys to join the army when they reached the age of eighteen. Each student used a stylus to write on a wooden tablet that was covered in soft wax.

By excelling in athletics, boys prepared to be soldiers by running, jumping, throwing spears and discus, and wrestling in the gymnasium.

Most boys worked hard to become farmers, fishermen, or craftsmen.

If there were complications, a male physician may have been brought in for assistance.

Babies frequently died just a few days after birth, so there was generally a waiting period of about a week before a child was named.

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