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Consequently, it is perfectly feasible for travellers staying in the south to see as much of the north as they wish, with many attractions little more than half an hour’s drive away from the south’s major resorts.

The Republic’s government has done all in its power to limit relations between north Cyprus and the outside world, and the issue of Turkish-Cypriot (and indeed Turkish) occupation of property owned by Greek Cypriots in the north continues to be a major stumbling block in any movement towards reunification.A member of the EU, Cyprus gained independence from the UK in 1960 and has been divided since 1974 following a military coup which led to the occupation of Northern Cyprus.Though now peaceful, a symbolic UN peacekeeping force still controls the buffer zone between the two regions, and new peace talks in 2017 seemed to promise a resolution. The island has an average of 340 days of sunshine a year, beautiful beaches and impressive archaeological sites, all of which attract around 2 million tourists each year.This is largely due to the gradual opening up of the Green Line, the de facto dividing line between the two communities – there are now seven crossing points, and two more are under discussion.The process of entering the north from the south has been made even simpler since Mustafa Akinci became President in 2015 – one of his first acts was to get rid of irksome visa requirements.

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