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The core purpose of this list of unsecured IP cameras worldwide is to draw your attention to the IP camera security issues.

Check it and then take proactive measures to prevent your camera from being hacked or watched by some bad guys.

The Insecam contains 25 listed countries with the most unsecured IP cameras.

US leads the way, with the most open IP cameras, which are visible to all internet users all over the world.

Content: Check out this infographic for a quick view of the alarming facts about the security camera hacking.

Why would people take the time and effort to hack those unsecured IP cameras? Hackers try to crack the unsecured security cameras in people's homes as a challenge — they do it just to prove that they can.

Unsecured IP cameras are accessible to everyone, making them pretty vulnerable to prying eyes.

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According to Insecam, up to 15.4% of all the unsecured web cameras are from homes, following outdoor/parks (21.55%) and parking lots (21.18%).A site linked to 73000 unsecured IP cameras in 256 countries has hit all of you.And stories about IP camera security vulnerabilities have been coming into light.So remember to change the default username and password, and don't use the one that is too simple and easy to crack, like your birthday.Bonus: Click here to find effective ways to tell whether your IP camera has been hacked.

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