Princess diana dating hasnat khan

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Although Dr Khan will not talk about why their affair ended, his father - who graduated from the London School of Economics in 1956 - gave an insight into the reasons in an interview with this newspaper last year. If it ever happened, it would be like a marriage from two different planets."Last year Dr Khan resigned as a consultant from Bart's and the Royal London Hospitals after some 12 years with the NHS.

And I think she very much liked the Asian family's eccentric culture," says Dr Khan.He speaks tenderly about why he will never divulge the details of his affair with the Princess.Other lovers, notably former Household Cavalry officer James Hewitt, may have cashed in on their relationship, but the intimate moments Dr Khan enjoyed with Diana will never be shared with a wider audience."Generally I do not talk about people - family or friends. "I'm loyal to her [the Princess] not because she was a celebrity but because I'm loyal to all my friends.These days Dr Khan spends most of his time working as a surgeon in Malaysia.When he is in Pakistan, he lives in his own spacious yet modestly decorated colonial-style house in Jehlum, the arid central Punjab district that is a two-hour drive from the Pakistani capital of Islamabad.

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