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Additionally, a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is required. He shouldn’t have been detained anytime before his appointment as a director.

As to residency necessities of a director, there is nothing in Companies Act, 2013 that denies the appointment of any individual who is a foreigner or NRI as a director of a Company. Company, Articles of Association can recommend the way of appointment of any everyone of the Executives.

Only an individual can be appointed as a Director- a corporate, firm, association or other bodies with artificial legal personality cannot be appointed as a Director.Board of Directors refers to a group of individuals elected by the shareholders of a company to deal with the issues of company.Thus, Director is a man named or chosen by law, who manages, controls or coordinates the undertakings of an organization.Subsequently, a room number is given for 1 on 1 conversations. Here, they choose between options like group chat rooms, live personals and voice mail. The caller may press 6 or 7 to move back or forward to a different room, respectively.In this article, Akriti Shikha pursuing Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws from NUJS, Kolkata, discusses duties and responsibilities of a Director of a Private Limited Company.

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