Rules of dating a soccer player

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The following guidelines apply to the issuing of colored card penalties by the match referee: - A yellow card is issued for things such as persistent rule breaches, defying the referee's instructions, dissent and un-sporting behavior.

- A red card is issued for more serious things such as spitting, deliberately attacking an opposition player and offensive behavior.

While we understand the importance of your child’s eligibility, coaches or parents/guardians/caregivers calling the CIF on eligibility matters can create unnecessary delay.

Coaches and parents must work with their school's ADs or principals to help determine a student-athlete’s eligibility.

All of the penalty rules for instance are simply common sense rules for the safety and enjoyment of all players.

Once a beginner gets out on the field and notices what other players are doing they'll soon pick up the rules and skills to perhaps unearth the next world cup star or at the very least have a great time.

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